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SURFSET Toronto’s in-depth research & development in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

New SURFSET Toronto owners Andrzej Misiak and Julian Aristizabal are currently fins-deep in research and development at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp in Tamarindo Costa Rica.  With daily coaching from Paco, a local surfer who was formerly on the National Surf circuit, they are meticulously having as much fun as possible on the water while refining and developing training techniques to improve SURFSET workouts in its effectiveness for preparing the whole body, mind and spirit, for catching waves.  Andrzej and Julian adamantly believe that SURFSET is not only a super-fun and challenging full-body workout, but also a powerful training tool for all types of boardsports, suitable for all levels of participants, from beginners to professional athletes.

Version 3

In photo above: Julian Aristizabal

Listening to legendary surfer Robert August (star of the famous 1966 surf film Endless Summer) explain the intricacies of shaping, while actually shaping a custom surfboard for a local surfer looking for a “fast gun” to catch the 8-10ft waves that can hit Ollie’s Point on a good day, it’s easy to appreciate the value of detail, innovation and personal attention.  It’s this level of detail, innovation and personal attention that we aspire to develop and continuously expand on, with the SURFSET workouts as well as the SURFSET community.  Please stay tuned and you might just want to Get On Board!

Version 2

From left to right: Julian Aristizabal, Robert August and Andrzej Misiak


she-does-the-city-surf-surfset-fitness-torontoIf your gym routine is becoming a drag, and running in the heat is not doing it for you either – try surfing inside. With SURFSET Toronto (2481 Yonge St.), you can get all the benefits of surfing, without the wipeouts. We chatted with Alexandra Vinichenko of SURFSET Toronto to get the deets. Read More

How To Get Summer-ready in 6 Ridiculous Fitness Classes – The Coveteur

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Amy Schumer has a line in her standup routine about this sneaking suspicion she has every time she’s offered a movie role or magazine profile.

“Like, am I maybe… gorgeous? Maybe I’m secretly gorgeous and just haven’t stumbled on the right hairdo yet.”

That’s how I felt about fitness. Like, am I secretly an athlete? Have I been bursting with potential all this time and just haven’t been given the right opportunities to flex my naturally toned muscles and born-with-it rhythmic gifts? Read More

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Fit 5: Classes to Train Like a Surfer – ClassPass


The key to being a killer surfer is an amazingly strong core, as well as having serious cardiovascular strength. As a surfer, I train with a blend of bodyweight-based exercises, HIIT sessions and actual surf sessions on the water. So whether you’re planning to rock the waves IRL or just want to train like it, the following workout styles will help you get there. Read More

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