Personal Training

Personal Training Surfset Fitness Toronto

Working towards a specific goal or looking for a more one-on-one approach to fitness? We offer fitness training that is completely customized to meet your needs. We use a combination of on and off-board exercises and modern fitness equipment to help you meet your objectives.

There are many reasons for considering a personal training regimen:

  • Joint mobility issues
  • Low-impact training for post-injury recovery
  • Improved balance
  • Sport-specific functional training
  • Preparing for a surfing trip!

Personal training is offered at competitive rates, beginning at just $75 for a single one-on-one session, and packages beginning at $650 for 10 sessions. Semi-private two-on-one training starts at $95 per session, and packages beginning at $850 for 10 sessions.


Give us a shout by calling 416-SURFSET (787-3738) or emailing hello@